Create music with your voice

Turn Your Voice into a Synth or a Drum

Today we are presenting the  ‘Detect Hum/Beatbox’ feature in Amped Studio which allows you to create music with your  voice. This is a fresh, easy and fun way to...

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Easy start in Amped Studio

Useful Tutorials To Get Started with Amped Studio

New to Amped Studio? Here is a selection of interesting tutorials that will help you get acquainted with the main features of the Studio. 1....
3 Free WAM effects

3 Free WAM effects

We have released three free guitar amp simulators in their WAM plugin format. Clean Machine, Metal Machine, and Distortion Machine were developed by Michel...
Progressive Web App

Amped Studio is Now a PWA

What´s a PWA? PWA is short for “Progressive Web App” and it allows web apps to function like desktop apps. You can install the...
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