Create a Call & Response bassline

Call and response in music refers to when different distinct instruments or musical phrases are heard as responding to each other.
Virtual keyboard

The Virtual Keyboard

The virtual keyboard is used to play instruments in amp studio without the need for an external MIDI keyboard. You can use the virtual keyboard to both...
Devices Presets Explorer

Preset Explorer Tutorial

Welcome to a look at Amped Studio’s new preset explorer. The device preset explorer is used to find and load presets for instruments and effects. 

The Arrangement and adding Regions

At the center of the Studio, you find the arrangement with the timeline, loop indicators, and playhead. The arrangement is the area where you drop in library...

Hum & Beatz Note Detection

Hum & Beatz Note Detection in Amped Studio is a powerful compositional tool allowing you to detect notes and drums hits in audio files. The feature is...

Share an Amped Studio project

Here's a simple way to share your work with anyone, allowing them to open your project, hear it or work with it.

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VST plugins in Amped Studio

How to use VST plugins inside Amped Studio

We are glad to announce the new tutorial on how to use VST plugins inside Amped Studio. Video also covers one of the important features...

VST/Remote Beta release

We are very happy to announce that Amped Studio is world's first online DAW that allows you to use VST synths and effects in...
Create music with your voice

Turn Your Voice into a Synth or a Drum

Today we are presenting the  ‘Detect Hum/Beatbox’ feature in Amped Studio which allows you to create music with your  voice. This is a fresh,...
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